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Hearing Test for Children

Digestion Tips
Try to eat a diet that contains 75% alkalizing foods and 25% acidifying foods. This will keep your body chemistry in perfect balance and able to operate at peak performance. MORE...

Five Really Tough Dieting Tips

Loose Inches -- Women with waistlines of 35 inches or more are at greater risk of heart disease than thinner women according to a study published in the Journal of Women's Health.

Diabetes -- State data show that as of 2004, 7.7% of adult Texans had been diagnosed with diabetes, a 48% rise in 10 years

Flu -- Almost all the flu cases reported in Canada since last fall have occurred in Alberta dn B.C. Of 389 cases reported by Jan 7 2006, 178 cases were in Alberta and 148 in B.C.

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Video Clips

About Chiropractic: This is a 5 minutes video introducting the practice of chiropractic and the health benefits it can provide. Presented by The College of Chiropractors of Alberta.

Benefits of Chiropractic: In this video several Doctors of Chiropractic present health basics to Get Back Into Action.

Feel Great. Don't Wait is a short tv commercial promoting chiropractic health. Find a chiropractor near you.

New Chiropractic Video: Why put up with a bad back when your chiropractors specialty is getting rid of bad backs? Chiropractic care is efficient, effective and readily available. See your chiropractor for treatment that works and relief that lasts.

A new Heart Institute brings the most advanced prevention and therapeutic options available in health care today.

Heart Risk Factors Presented by Plavix

Heart Balance Video Presented by Canadian Heart And Stroke Foundation

Acidity Balance Presented by TUMS

Macular Degeneration Presented by CNIB - Canadian National Institute for the Blind

American Express Video Presented by American Express

Interview With Noel McNaughton Presented by



Food For Thought

Record heart transplants performed in Alberta, hospitals say

CBC News -- Edmonton claims it is the "heart transplant capital of Canada" based on a record number of successful transplants in the city.

In 2005, surgeons performed 38 adult heart transplants and 16 pediatric heart transplants, compared to 20 adults and nine children in 2004.

Tuberculosis continues to kill 1.6 million people every year.

Heart & Erectile Dysfunction -- : A study quoted by Dr. Harvey Sternberg suggests almost 40% of men who need erective dysfunction drugs have got an underlying abnormal stress cardiogram.
Two to three million Canadian men have erectile dysfunction. A study in Massachusetts pointed out 52% of men over age 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction.

Mobile Phone -- British study finds mobile phones are not associated with an increased risk of glioma, the most common type of brain tumor.

Heart "Fibrillation" means that the heart muscle is not contracting; it's squirming. Heart attacks, heart failure and other heart conditions, which might not have produced any symptoms until the fateful moment arrives, can bring on ventricular fibrillation. Often the event takes place suddenly and unexpectedly. Now there are defibrillators not only in hospitals, but also in some public places.


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Cancer: Almost half of all Alberta men and 2 out of every 5 women are likely to

Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder of the central nervous system affecting over 1 million

Hundreds poisoned by bean sprouts in Canada

Leading causes of death in 2004

Back Pain: About 400,000 Americans are affected annually by lumbar spinal stenosis - spinal problem that
Poverty -- There are presently 2.6 billion people who do not have adequate sanitation and this

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The first private primary-care clinic opened in Vancouver (Nov 15, 2005). There is a $1,200 initiation and a yearly fee of $2,300 - and patients have access to 16 doctors, diagnostic technology, plus fitness and nutirion advice.

Federal Government Announces $300 Million for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Climate change, public health and the Kyoto Accord -- Canada could be squandering an opportunity to lead the world

Study find pollutants in Canadian blood samples

AlbertaGovernment commits $ 1.4 billion of surplus on additional beds, facilities across the province of Alberta, Canada.

Heart + Diabetes
Calgary Researchers Publish New Insights On Cholesterol
Interim results from a randomized controlled study suggest a new treatment option for hypertensive diabetics.

Breast Cancer
Mammogram use in elderly influenced by age and race

Aging Well
Healthy Lifestyles May Help Prevent Alzheimer's
Recognizingwhen someone has a stroke attack - symptoms

High Blood Pressure
When Job Ups Blood Pressure, Spouse Can Help

Back Pain
Is Your Body Tuned Up for the Winter Season?
Watch your back this winter -- Snow shoveling, along with slips and falls are the top causes of winter back pain say back specialists.

Body, Food, Diet
Exercise and Diet Body-wide Benefits
DIETS -- Obesity rates lower in schools with comprehensive healthy living program
Study shows fifth-graders in Nova Scotia schools following CDC guidelines eat more fruits, vegetables

Children and Malaria
3000 children under five years old die of malaria every day

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