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Natural beauty pioneer launches radical anti-oxidant skin oil to counter effects of ageing
Natural beauty product pioneer Primavera has launched its revolutionary Intensive Anti Oxidant Skin Oil, a unique blend of vitamin-rich oils for skin cell renewal and improved vitality, suitable for face and body.
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Natural beauty product pioneer Primavera has launched its revolutionary Intensive Anti Oxidant Skin Oil, a unique blend of vitamin-rich oils for skin cell renewal and improved vitality, suitable for face and body.

The Oil totally chemical-free like all Primavera preparations is a harmony of the finest natural oils chosen for their anti-ageing and therapeutic effects.

Key actives include Bilberry seed oil for anti-ageing, Calendula petals for soothing and healing and Jojoba to allow the Oil to be effortlessly absorbed without residues.

Best as a gentle, twice daily massage, the Oil provides the natural, healthy solution to maintaining a younger-looking skin that is toned, revitalised and rejuvenated.

Anna Gwilt, creator, says This exceptional treatment oil contains organic essential oils, including vanilla, neroli & rose otto, all selected for their skin rejuvenating and health giving properties, not to mention the glorious aroma.



A Fruit that may hold the key to major ailments. Research is being carried out throughout the world, cancer being one of the fields which is giving favourable results.
(PRWEB) September 2, 2005 -- The Fruit Juice known as XanGo has brought to the market place a phenomenal health benefit. The humble fruit which is the basis of the product is called Mangosteen.

The Mangosteen, known as the Queen of Fruits, can be grown in any location offering a tropical climate but is native to Southeast Asia. The fruit is grown on mature trees, which is harvested with great care. The Mangosteen abounds in Xanthones, Natures own little Healers, which the magic of this humble fruit laid.

In the process, the whole fruit is used including the seeds and xanthone rich pericarp (rind/skin) a rich source of antioxidants know to be five times stronger than vitamins C and E. Xanthones natural chemical properties are winning high acclaim with scientists around the world and research is going on throughout the world on the healing capabilities of this humble fruit.

Xanthones are antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-hepatoxic (prevent Liver disease). In addition, they are known to science to be some of the most important anti-oxidants found in nature.

Research that's going on indicates that perhaps it can be helpful in a number of chronic complaints including : Arthritis, Asthma, Heart disease, Stroke, Ulcers, or Alzheimer's, Kidney, Parkinson's, Uterine Disease, Colon Cancer or simple infections, Osteoporosis yes and the list includes type 2 Diabetes. No wonder both the medical researchers and scientists are so excited. The company producing this amazing product is only three years old and demand is high across the world, with testimonials for natures own little Healers.

But the surprising part is the marketing of this product. You cannot buy this in any store. The only way is through their network of representative. XanGo don't advertise, yet is recording record breaking sales throughout the world.

To find out more, visit, even if you are not interested in the opportunity, this site is crammed with more information on the Mangosteen, and testimonials from Doctors on this amazing break through.

So what have we to look forward to: well, the Mangosteen is being researched for its use in Cancer treatment, already it is thought to inhibit human leukemia cells and inhibit the rapid growth cells associated with breast cancer as well as cancer in the liver and lungs.

Perhaps this is the missing link in our knowledge on some of are more serious ailments, all I can tell you is I feel better for using it.


"Gerontechnology": the cutting edge of eldercare
o You have a chronic, life-threatening condition. The undershirt you wear monitors your heart rate, EKG, respiration and temperature, then alerts your doctor if there's a problem. This means you're able to continue living independently at home.
o An assisted-living facility combines pets, plants and live-in caregivers with residents who have advanced Alzheimer's. Rather than lock the doors to prevent residents from wandering away, the facility allows them to move around freely, thanks to tiny sensors that track each resident's movements. Residents' families monitor what's happening via their home computers, even from thousands of miles away.
o An 89-year-old woman with Alzheimer's lives at home for years beyond the norm because of a friendly voice that reminds her to brush her teeth (and how, if necessary), put her slip on before her dress, and take the frying pan off the stove if she forgets. Thus her 93-year-old husband is spared much of the exhaustion and health problems that are common when caring for a demented spouse.
Sound far-fetched? The reality is that these ideas - and many others - already exist or are on the drawing boards, spinning out of the laboratories and imaginations of a new kind of inventor - what one source calls "gerontechnologists" - whose purpose is to unleash the power of ubiquitous computing and turn high-tech research into new ways to care for frail older adults.
It comes in the nick of time. MORE


Diabetech® launches GlucoMESSENGER nationwide wireless messaging for kids with diabetes.
Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 2, 2005 -- Kids involved in various clinical studies around the world have been using wireless technology for managing their diabetes. They already enjoy the ease of use that comes from wireless connectivity between glucose sensors and insulin pumps as well as real-time wireless transmission of glucose meter data for more accurate and efficient management. Their parents have peace of mind knowing that their child remembered to check their blood, injected the correct amount of insulin and ate the appropriate amount of carbohydrates.

Since symptoms of abnormal blood sugars are not always obvious and crisis may occur rapidly, keeping everyone on the team on the same page requires a new emphasis on real-time communication.

Fortunately, for over 200,000 parents in the U.S., they finally have access now to real-time mobile messaging technology to better aid their kids with diabetes. Diabetech announces today the availability of the GlucoMESSENGER service nationwide with "Back to School for Kids with Diabetes." This special offer includes a wireless messaging device, wireless airtime, diabetes savvy customer support and a lower cost alternative or enhancement to cellular phone service. MORE


Portable Pathfinder -- Prototype
For many people with brain injuries, mental retardation, or Alzheimer.s disease, getting lost or disoriented is a common and distressing experience. At the University of Washington, computer scientist Henry Kautz.s team has developed a system that uses cell phones to monitor users. whereabouts and help keep them on track. The
phone, equipped with a GPS receiver that gauges its location, communicates wirelessly with a PC running novel artificial-intelligence software. Based on about three weeks of data, the software learns to predict daily behavior patterns, such as which bus a user takes. Then, if the system thinks the user is, say, getting off at the wrong bus stop, the phone sounds an alert and displays a text prompt on the screen.including directions for getting home. Kautz.s team plans to do tests next spring, together with University of Washington researchers in rehabilitation medicine. The software could be on the market within two years.


Province's first Primary Care Network launched in Capital Health region -- EDMONTON, May 26 /CNW/ - Today a group of 59 south Edmonton physicians, in cooperation with Capital Health, the Alberta Medical Association and Alberta Health and Wellness will mark a milestone in primary care reform by launching the first of the province's Primary Care Networks (PCN).

Primary Care Networks will be key to improving delivery of primary care services. Primary care is typically the first point of contact with the health system. The next PCN to launch in Capital Health will be in WestView, involving family physicians in Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County. MORE...


Brain-Pad Mouth Guards Get 2005 International Endorsements -- Reviews And Continues To Endorse
New 2005 BRAIN-PAD Mouthguard Models

"The best keeps getting better!" says Steve Fossum, IKF & ISCF MMA World President. "Brain-pad, Inc. continues to increase fighter safety and their distance from the competition with their 2005 lineup. There is nothing out there like the patented Brain-Pad design." MORE...


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