Tuberculosis continues to kill 1.6 million people every year.

Ask the average American what kind of threat tuberculosis (TB) poses to global health and youre likely to be met with a puzzled expression and a response somewhere along the lines of, Didnt we get rid of it years ago?

Most people dont know that almost a third of the worlds population - roughly two billion people - are infected with TB. Although the disease remains dormant in most, millions of those infected especially those with compromised immune systems resulting from HIV/AIDS develop active TB and two million die each year. Most are adults in the prime of life who leave behind school-age children and a tremendous void in the community.

The Global Drug Facility (GDF) is a mechanism for saving lives. The GDF is an initiative to increase access to high quality tuberculosis (TB) drugs for DOTS implementation, a TB control strategy. Globally, TB is the leading curable cause of infectious death. The GDF is housed in WHO headquarters in Geneva and managed by a small team in the Stop TB partnership secretariat.



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