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ArriveNet : Medicine & Treatments
ArriveNet : Medicine & Treatments
Flu Relief for Locals
Although January is almost over, the flu season is not. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, this year�s influenza outbreak is spreading from the west coast, and it looks like the...

Head lice treatment with Inula viscosa
A waterborne formulation of Inula viscosa extract is reported by mothers who have applied it on lice infested heads of their kids to eradicate lice and their nits in less than 10 minutes. Head lice is...

Scientists extract shikmic acid from Anise � A key ingredient in Tamiflu
Institute of Science and Technology reported about the extraction of shikmic acid from star anise seeds, a key element to composing the drug Tamiflu. Scientists...

Allegra- Fighting against Allergies
Allergies have been the root cause of around 60 million people getting sick with various types of diseases every season. There are so many substances around, which have good potential to illness and disability....

Ileostomy Surgery Update: Surgeon Reveals Good News Most �J-Pouchers� Have Never Heard
Ileostomy surgery news for J-Pouchers: A special type of ileostomy surgery � known as a BCIR � is the answer for many �J-Pouchers� with failed pouches,� says the Los Angeles physician who heads the...

Counterfeit Tamiflu - U.S Customs seized in New York
In New York City, U.S Customs and Border Protection officers seized 250 parcels of counterfeit Tamiflu. In this regard, CBP's William Heffelfinger commented that "we believe they will continue to...

Biolyse Pharma Corp. plans to extract ingredient for Tamiflu from Christmas tree
Biolyse President and CEO Brigitte Kiecken says the trees' needles contain high concentrations of shikimic acid and it will use the needles as the source of an element used to make Tamiflu, a drug that...

Outbreak plan to isolate avian flu
Richard Nolan, senior adviser to the director of the Strategic National Stockpile at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta commented that "theoretically, it ought to work"....

People suffering from wrist pain, numbness and tingling associated with carpal tunnel syndrome can now avoid irreversible surgery with a new FDA approved Cold Laser treatment. According to the North American...

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Announces Successful Completion of Stage 1 of Drug Discovery Collaboration with PTC Therapeutics, Inc.
FPSnewswire/ - Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) announced today that Stage 1 (Discovery) of its collaboration with PTC Therapeutics, Inc. (PTC), of South Plainfield, NJ, has been completed successfully....

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