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Interim results from a randomized controlled study suggest a new treatment option for hypertensive diabetics.
Mississauga, ON (PRWEB) October 28, 2005 -- It is estimated that eighty percent of the 10 million Americans suffering from both diabetes and hypertension do not reach goal blood pressure (BP) and are at increased risk for heart, kidney and eye disease. Now, an already available non-drug hypertension treatment device, named RESPeRATE® (www.resperate.ca), has demonstrated its ability to significantly lower blood pressure in this specific population.

An interim analysis of the results of the first 38 patients participating in a randomized controlled study of non-insulin-dependent diabetics with uncontrolled blood pressure was presented recently at the European General Practice Research Network meeting. The study, conducted by Dr. Moshe Schein from the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel, compared the BP response to 8 weeks of 15-minute daily self-treatment with device-guided slow breathing using the RESPeRATE device with that of a control group that continued their usual care. Medication, diet and physical exercise were unchanged in both groups during the study.

Results show a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure (SBP) of 7.4 mmHg in the treatment group, compared to a rise of 3.1 mmHg in the control group. Thirty-two percent of the RESPeRATE-treated patients reached the target BP of 130/80 mmHg compared with just 5% in the control group. No side effects were observed and compliance with treatment was good. Similar to the previous seven published RESPeRATE studies, which were performed in general hypertensive populations, this study also demonstrated a dose-response relationship. Performing more breathing exercise sessions with RESPeRATE, increased the reduction of systolic blood pressure.

"This is fantastic news for the diabetes community and for InterCure," said Erez Gavish, President and CEO of InterCure, the developer of RESPeRATE . "Diabetes treatment is all about self-care and empowerment and the RESPeRATE fits right in. The device is already used by more than 30,000 patients and doctors and I'm sure this study will accelerate the adoption of RESPeRATE in the diabetes community."

About InterCure:
InterCure (www.intercure.com) is a medical device company that creates and sells products that harness the therapeutic power of breathing for the treatment of hypertension, heart failure, respiratory diseases and other conditions. With seven successful clinical trials, RESPeRATE ® (www.resperate.ca) became the only non-drug medical device indicated by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the adjunctive treatment of hypertension. RESPeRATE is now available in the U.S., Europe, Australia and many other countries.

About ManthaMed:
ManthaMed is a Canadian distributor of accurate and reliable monitoring and diagnostic medical devices. Several of these leading edge medical devices are used in hospitals, physician offices and pharmacies for the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol disorders, weight management, osteoporosis and asthma. ManthaMed is the official distributor for Resperate in Canada.

The company's mission is to improve patient access to early diagnosis and preventative care. More information about ManthaMed is available at www.manthamed.com. RESPeRATE can be purchased online at www.resperate.ca.

ManthaMed Inc
Peter Mantha

InterCure Inc.
Tom Kirwan
+1.201.720.7750 x 7136


Calgary Researchers Publish New Insights On Cholesterol

Leave it to the lowly sea urchin to give cholesterol a break. The October issue of the Journal of Cell Science features insights into cholesterol uncovered by a U of C team which indicate that cholesterol may not fully deserve its nasty reputation. Cholesterol acts as an organizer of lipid rafts, expediting fusion by keeping critical components together. By virtue of its molecular shape (negative curvature), cholesterol also works in concert with protein factors to support speedy calcium-regulated membrane fusion. Triggered fusion is the defining step of secretion, enabling the release of compounds from specialized cells. This includes the release of neurotransmitters essential to brain function, and the secretion of insulin from pancreatic cells. The research uses a model system of secretory vesicles isolated from sea urchin eggs, and integrated lipid and proteomic analyses to dissect this fundamental cellular mechanism. MORE...


Diabetech® Expands GlucoMESSENGER Wireless Diabetes Messaging into Canada

Mobile text messaging by families throughout the US has been used to close the gap when their kids with diabetes are at school or anytime they are away from home. Diabetech has just completed the necessary expansion of its infrastructure to extend its unique wireless clinical messaging system to the people of Canada.
Toronto, ON (PRWEB) October 13, 2005 -- School age children typically spend up to a third of most days of their entire young lives away from their parents. When that child has type 1 diabetes, it's no wonder that families have a difficult time managing their kid's complex regimen of multiple daily blood glucose finger-sticks, multiple insulin injections, measured food intake, monitored exercise, and diligent record keeping to facilitate review, corrective action and optimal control.

"My work is about 45 minutes away from my daughter's school. There is no cell coverage in some of the areas that we are surveying, so I cannot get her phone calls; however I can get the text message. What would I do without it. Thank you Kevin, I hope you know how much we appreciate you and your company." Dana Sheppard, mother of a child with type 1 diabetes

Since launching GlucoMESSENGER, success stories continue to demonstrate the critically important role of real-time communication. Current generation glucose meters and insulin pumps just aren't capable of making intelligent decisions with the patient. Historical information is typically of very little use. By pushing information to the right member of the patient's diabetes team, better decisions regarding care are being made as well as newfound patient independence and caregiver peace of mind.

"Just incredible! Thank you, thank you! Sincerely, Sally Cline," a mother of a child with type 1 diabetes commented.

The GlucoMESSENGER service includes the Communicator - the smallest keyboard-enabled wireless communication device in the market. It also includes wireless airtime and exclusive access to the GlucoPALS Diabetes Community which includes mobile blogging (a.k.a. - moblogs), diabetes training partners, diabetes savvy customer support and a lower cost alternative or enhancement to cellular phone service by itself. The Communicator is easier to use than cell phones due to its full keyboard and safer too thanks to a special Diabetech configuration for kids which prohibits Internet news feeds. Motorola manufactures the device.

"You and your team have brought us the much needed peace of mind over our daughter's BG control and better positioned us to call directives to school personnel in our absence. To both you and your staff we applaud you for making such a significant contribution in the lives of children suffering with type1 Diabetes through the use of such 'smart' technology. Not to mention those of us serving them in primary support roles, namely parents, family and physicians. Sincerely, Richard Bailey"

You can subscribe to GlucoMESSENGER at our online store at www.diabetech.net or by calling our toll free number at 877.My.Gluco. GlucoMESSENGER is compatible with all glucose meters and insulin pumps. Please contact Diabetech directly in order to reserve your GlucoMON wireless glucose meter available separately. Limited quantities of this device are available for sale in Canada.

About Diabetech
Diabetech is an award winning diabetes technology company based in downtown Dallas, Texas with satellite offices throughout North America. Diabetech manufactures wireless medical devices, operates service provider infrastructure, accelerates scientific predictive metabolic algorithm research and delivers a fully managed real time clinical management service. With simplicity at the core of our system design principles, Diabetech enables real-time diabetes intervention.

Diabetech is a registered trademark of Diabetech, LP. GlucoMESSENGER, GlucoMON and Diabetes Intervention Technology are trademarks of Diabetech, LP. All other trademarks are the property of their registered owners. The GlucoMON device is presently limited to use in approved hospital studies and for sale in Canada.



"A wall of water makes it hard for this victim in New Orleans to walk out of his house with a bag full of medicine he needs for his diabetes. It was the only thing he took from his house on Sunday, September 4, 2005."

Imagine yourself or a loved one with diabetes stranded

...without crucial medicines or spoiled, unreliable insulin, in searing heat with little shelter.
...without food or clean water, or any blood testing equipment, while dehydration sets in.
...in agony, desperately thirsty with dangerously high, uncontrolled blood sugars all with no foreseeable end.

This scene appears absolutely hopeless to many American victims of Hurricane Katrina. Please send your donation quickly. Time is of the essence. Help us restore health to the desperate people of the Gulf Coast with diabetes who have lost everything.

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